2 Questions to ask your Website Designer

CLIENT: We now have a staff who can manage the company website, can you please hand us over the website so that our staff can manage it going forward.

SERVICE PROVIDER: Ok, will get back to you

1 Month Later

CLIENT: We are still waiting for you, why is it taking this long to hand over the website

SERVICE PROVIDER: Please, you will need to pay us N100,000 so that we can make the website available for your staff.


To avoid the stories that touch the heart, ask this two questions before you outsource your website design to anyone.

QUESTION-1: Will I have access to my C-Panel?

cPanel (the short form of Control Panel) is a web based hosting control panel provided by many hosting providers to website owners allowing them to manage their websites from a web based interface. This program gives users a graphical interface from which they can control their portion of the hosting company’s server. When you pay a website designer, he/she uses a part of the money you paid to purchase a space in the Internet from a Hosting Company – This can be likened to renting a shop, this time not a physical space, but a virtual space. Therefore, you need to confirm from your website designer, if he is going to give you the keys after decorating your virtual office. You will be surprise the war this simple request can prevent.

QUESTION-2: How many Sub-domain can my Hosting have?

Like the name states, Subdomain is a free domain name that is created out of an already existing paid primary domain. It is not always necessary to register a new domain name when you have already registered one before. Rather than registering a new domain name, you can always create a subdomain (i.e subdomain.mywebsite.com) using a domain you already own. A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, generated free from an already registered domain name. Subdomain is essential when you have business expansion or other sections of the same company or organization. You need to confirm from your Website Designer if he/she is going to charge you for what you have already paid for.

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