Sisli Multi-Purpose Contributive Association


  • “Saving for Tomorrow Weekly Contribution (STWC)” is a Small Micro Savings (SMS) scheme, where members of the co-operative Society save on a weekly bases an amount they can afford (stress free).
    • It is NOT a multilevel scheme or get rich quick scheme.
    • What you contribute for a period of 46 weeks is what you get at the end of the period.
    • You DO NOT need to bring people in order to qualify for anything, but you are free to refer anyone, if you think they can benefit from the SMS (Small Micro Savings).


  • You are advised to select from the options that you can follow-through till the end of the 46 Weeks. This means that you should not be greedy in selecting the one that gives you the highest amount and not being able to contribute to the end.
    • The Levels are;
      • Level 1
        • N200 x 46 Weeks = N9,200
        • N300 x 46 Weeks = N13,800
        • N500 x 46 Weeks = N23,000
      • Level 2
        • N400 x 46 Weeks = N18,400
        • N600 x 46 Weeks = N27,600
        • N1000 x 46 Weeks = N46,000
      • Above levels can also be doubled/combined if you can afford to do so. Or you can register and maintain (contribute) multiple names at the same time.


  • Withdrawal of your contribution can be done at any time within the 46 weeks of contribution but you MUST follow the under listed rules;
    • You must have contributed half (50%) of the 46 weeks total. Example is; if you are contributing N200 per week, you must have contributed N4,600 before you can request for withdrawal.
    • You must give 1 week notice (A week before the day you need the money) either by SMS (Specifying your Name and Card Number) or by person.
    • Because we understand how unsafe it can be carrying cash around. If your withdrawal is equal or more than N15,000 we can only give it to you through Bank Transfer. Therefore, also share your account number when you are withdrawing above the stated amount.


  • Contribution will be collected on a weekly bases at 20 Umuezebi Street, New Heaven, Enugu, on;
    • Sunday’s from 12pm in the afternoon to 6pm in the evening. If you miss to bring your contribution on Sunday, you can bring it on;
    • Monday’s, from 6pm in the evening till 8pm.
    • DO NOT give your money to anyone other than the Director or his appointed representative. Any money submitted by PROXY (Through a third party) is solely your responsibility and you should make sure it is documented on your contribution card and on our accounts register.


  • Contribution starts from the 4th Week of January and runs till Week 49 (totaling 46 Weeks) which is either the Last week of November or First Week of December, depending if it is a leap year.
    • Final withdrawal is on the Saturday of Week 50 (Second Saturday in December)


  • The Contribution/Membership card is N200 (Two Hundred Naira Only)
    • In the case you lost your card, you will pay N200 for a new card (N100 for the Membership/Contribution Card and N100 for Card Update) – DO NOT LOSE YOUR CARD.
    • Although Sisli Nigeria Group may introduce Seasonal Promotional Activities like raffle draws;
      • We DO NOT add interest for contributors
      • We DO NOT pay dividends
      • We DO NOT lend contributors/members money
    • This is a Small Micro Savings Scheme; with the mandate to create the culture of savings, therefore the above rules are our guiding principle. What you contribute is what you withdraw.
  • You can contribute multiple weeks in advance.

If you decided to join us, Sisli Multipurpose Contributive Association promises you Integrity and Fidelity.

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