Mind your own business – Originality (Part 2)

After my first post on this series, a friend asked me if I was the one that wrote the post or did I copy it? I was not surprise he asked me this question. In this present times, we have sacrificed originality on the altar of imitation, mimic, copy and paste.

Everybody wants it fast; we do not have the patience to wait for the time it takes to create something original. We want already-made. This has lead businesses to device ways of meeting this generation’s demand for fast foods, fast cash, quick money, quick fix, etc by employing non-original and chemically induced solutions.

Pause – This is not the natural state of man.

Nature takes its time to produce originality. This is why we are not half baked humans. (Although today, women no longer want to wait the 39 to 41 weeks period it takes to have a baby, and scientist are already providing solutions.) Plants and animals, all follow natural instinct.

What is Originality and how can we apply it in minding our business.

In my last post, I described the difference between minding your own business and your employers’ business. I am not suggesting that it is wrong to be employed. My goal is to open your eyes to see that employment is unnatural. While you may want to sell your skills for a pay, you should also know that the skills when self employed in other areas will give more fulfillment and also the freedom to express its originality. I define originality as a self creation that is done through an inner desire and passion. And it takes the following to achieve it.

Acknowledge the source of creation – Every creative person I know believes in God. Those that does not, believes that there is a higher being, a source that connects everything. Believe is the first step. Another aspect of this is to believe in yourself.

Overcome your fears – Maya Angelou said something I love so much and I quote “My life has been long, and believing that life loves the liver of it, I have dared to try many things, sometimes trembling but daring still.” A dream remains a dream until you take practical steps to achieve it. Everybody has fears. While fear stops the unsuccessful from pursuing his/her dreams, fear acts as a catalyst for the successful.

Create room for failure – There is a difference between planning to fail and creating room for failure. Planning to fail is having a defeated mindset. While creating room for failure is accepting nature with its strength and weaknesses. Our knowledge is limited and we can only grow in knowledge with time as we are exposed to new realities. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it is part of learning. Make room for it both for yourself and others.

Avoid competition – This is a very broad topic, and I will try to treat it as a standalone on subsequent post. Competition does not promote originality. You are interested in out-smarting your opponent. To be the first not the best. The best cannot be achieved through fast and urgent approach that competition requires. To be Original, you need to work on the pace required by the output and not pressured or influenced by other peoples’ performance. (It is ironic, how the school system trains us to compete and the world needs us to collaborate.)

Do not judge – This is my favourite. Although so many of us may deny it; it takes a lot of energy and self determination not to judge. This is because our brain is wired to make sense out of every situation. And to do this, we have the natural tendency to place labels on things and also on people. In the Christian teachings; Christ mandated his followers not to judge. Why? Because doing so will align you to its frequency where every of your actions will be mate with your own scale of measurement. Judging others closes your mind from learning and receiving from them. This particular point requires a dedicated effort on your part. We need to deliberately catch our minds anytime it tries to judge.

Gratitude – Every time someone greets me “Good Morning”, I always reply with “Thank You”. By prophesying a morning, afternoon or evening full of goodness, you are giving and I’m grateful for it. Learn to say thank you even for the smallest of things and to the lowest of people. And thank God and Life in advance for what is already yours.

Remember to give back – I have heard people say, my success, my business, my knowledge. These are wrong statements. Nobody succeeds alone; no business can survive without partners, customers, fans, employees, etc. And no man was born with monopoly of knowledge, it was handed over. Everything you have today was possible because people helped you. Your family, teachers, mentors, community, friends in many ways contributed to your success. Help others to achieve theirs. In Denzel Washington’s words “Each one, teach one.”

Sixtus Nnamdi
Founder Sisli Nigeria

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