Not All Computer Skill Specialist are fraudsters

not all nigerian computer users are fraudsters

One day, two of my colleagues were exchanging adult jokes in the office, so one said “Every time you are on your computer as if you are the most serious worker, but nobody will know that it is fraud you are doing” he said this referring to the nairabet website page opened on the other person’s screen. Then the other colleague’s response was what surprised me. “If I am doing yahoo, yahoo, what will you then say about Sixtus”. What he meant was that, if you are accusing an innocent person, what then will be say about the guilty – me. Although there were other colleagues that immediately educated him. He just expressed the view of many Nigerians towards Computer Skill Specialist.


We live in a country where designing a Logo in CorelDraw or Designing a Wedding album in Photoshop or Typing blog content in Microsoft Word, or Collating data with Spreadsheet or Writing a HTML code with Sublime can be the only evidence that you are a fraudster.

I do not deny the fact that an average Nigerian youth WANTS TO make big money without solving any problem for others or the community, which is evident in our adoration and admiration towards people who expresses a flamboyant lifestyle without a recognizable Net-worth or source of income. – Those that don’t are labeled stingy. In fact prudence is now a vice.

It was Dr Wayne that said “the ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about, yet refuse to investigate”. I want to let you know that not everybody that uses computer is a fraudster, while fraudsters hide under the cloak of anonymity to avoid being traced or arrested by law enforcement and can be found in all fields of life, Computer Skill Specialists, from bloggers, Graphic Designers, Data Analyst, Sound Engineers, Movie/Video Editors, Typist, Cartoonist, picture editors, App Developers, Software Developers, Web Developers, Machine Learning Engineers, to Self Driving Car Programmers, and many others always have a face, we solve problems and help move the advancement of technology.

Every day at Sisli Nigeria celebrate all computer specialists that uses it to solve problem and for legitimate businesses.

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