Mind your own Business

Mind your own Business

In my culture, anytime you use this words, the next person always sees it as an insult. That you see them as invading your privacy.

But the true is, Mind your business is one of the best advice you can ever get. Presently, because of the over hype that the society has placed on White Collar/Blue Collar Jobs, every youths’ dream is to “Go to University, acquire ANY degree, come out and get a job in ANY industry…Its all about the money.

All their life is centered on this distorted reality, believing that one day they will be rich enough to acquire all their heart desires. In doing this, the side-line their real passion viewing it as something that can not give QUICK CASH.
When you are an employee, you are minding your employers business, that is why their is always policies/processes on ethical and operational behaviors to prevent you from doing otherwise. Therefore you can only serve for your masters success. And you are giving food in return – that’s all your salary was meant to afford. It is time to serve your master and also mind your own business.

“Rome was not built in a day”

Every working youth has 24 Hours daily, White Collar Job (for those that are employed) takes 11 Hours – (They will tell you is 8 hours but will expect you to come 1 hour early and leave 1 to 2 hours late.) This leaves you with 13 Hours. Your sleep takes a maximum of 6 hours.

What do you do with your 7 hours?

I will tell you what to do. Find your passion, research on how to make it marketable (You will be surprise what you will find). Read on it, study, attend training that can help you hun the passion into skills. Practice, engage social networks that can help you achieve this dream and make sure that no day passes without you working on this goals. Invest time in it daily, no matter how small.

By doing this, you are minding your own business.

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