Google Africa Challenge Scholarship – My Story

Google Africa Scholarship Program

Google Africa Scholarship Program

My Journey through the Google Africa Challenge Scholarship

I have always liked Udacity. I constantly visit it to learn one or two things on ICT subjects. I will always make a stop at Front End Web Development Course and scroll down to the payment section of the page. I will always watch the price from my Lenovo G50 PC and imagine ways I can raise the money to pay for the fee.

It has always been my dream to be a “website developer” and little did I know that it is known as Front-End Web Development.

I was elated and excited when after applying for Google Africa Challenge Scholarship, I got a mail telling me that I am now part of the program. I started as a novice, but this challenge scholarship showed me a path and a programmer’s mindset.

At the beginning, I was overwhelmed by what my course mates where doing, I notice many was not just beginners like me, but Pro. But with Slack, it is impossible to be overwhelmed for long because someone is always there to help you out. I enjoyed the slack room and the help and support from both my colleagues, slack mentors and regional mentor @Valentine.

Although, I cannot say that it was easy, (JavaScript can’t allow me to say that), but it was a journey that I am glad I was a part of. 

I made new friends, rich network and a community that supports me.  Today, I am no longer a beginner Programmer, with the Google Africa Challenge Scholarship, I am now very confident with my ability to face challenges that had to do with Web Development and also I now know the importance of participating in community networks. Above all, I can now “own my learning”.

Thank you #Udacity, thank you #Andela, thank you #Google, thank you @Valentine, Thank @ALC_Enugu, thank you.

It was with happiness, I receive the Front End Nano-degree scholarship.

Front End Nano-Degree Scholarship

Front-end web development is everything involved in programming the user interface of a web application. Typically it refers to the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript portion of web site production as opposed to the database or server-side programming. It encompasses everything from building a simple page of HTML text to creating complex, responsive HTML5 websites designed to be accessed via various different browsers, devices and screen sizes. [Source]

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2 comments on “Google Africa Challenge Scholarship – My Story


I am interested in Google and udacity training programs but I have not understood it true modalities. I just a beginner

Sixtus Nnamdi

Hi Augustine,
When you said “modalities”, i will take it to mean – how does it work?
If this is what you meant, then i will try to explain. Udacity is a Skill based Training Platform, that offers hands-on training on latest technology skills. They also help connect scholars to employers. Google Africa Challenge Scholarship is a partnership program between Andela, Google and Udacity, where Google provides funding, Andela provides community Platform and Udacity Provides the Educational platform to teach Africans Web and Android Development and also help connect them to companies that need their services. This program has been held for the third time (I was part of the 3 Batch), probability another will hold next year. Application is always in April of the Year. So you will have to follow Andela Nigeria on Twitter or visit their website to know when next is happening.
I hope, all these answered your question. You can DM us on Instagram @iamsisli if you need more information.


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