Digital Product Development

Digital Product Development

The advantage of digital products is that you don’t have to pay any manufacturing or distribution costs. Once you’ve made the product, everything you sell is virtually profit! This is why many people create their own digital products themselves, for example writing an eBook on a subject. Sisli Nigeria, will help you put your ideas into marketable digital products. We also process event videos, edit and produce world class digital albums.

We undertake the following Digital Product Packaging.

E-Book Editing and Publishing

We will help you type, edit and publish your E-book in Amazon Kindle. Project cost is based on Volume of the material and type of content. Click Here for a quotation.


Are you a creative photographer? We connect you to revenue generating portals where you can exchange your creative works for monetary value. While you concentrate on what you do best, we connect your creative images to the right online audiences. Project cost is based on percentage. Click Here for a quotation.

Video Courses

Any one who is experienced in an area can now create a masterclass. What do you think about having a tailoring masterclass? or a Mechanic masterclass? Anything you can think of can now be packaged as a digital product. We will partner with you all through the packaging process, till the final Online Digital Product. Click Here for a quotation.

Digital Album

Printed Photograph is fast becoming obsolete, but videos is growing more popular. We will help you convert those printed pictures to digital album that can play on your TV, computer, Smart Phone and all other smart devices. Project cost is based on volume. Click Here for a quotation.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. We have an extensive knowledge of the algorithm of social media and search engines operation. We help our clients maximize their advert budgets by utilizing the digital channels and our years of experience. Our specialty is on Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

We also optimizes clients website to increase their search engine ranking. Click Here for a quotation.

Sixtus Nnamdi

Sixtus Nnamdi is a trusted authority in the areas of Graphics, Spreadsheet, Office Suite, Digital Marketing, WordPress, CMS, BuddyPress, Responsive Website Design/Frontend Web Development. A motivated Administrator. Sixtus is passionate about helping youths, Businesses and working professionals in enhancing their performance through soft skills development. He also helps SMEs in meeting their ICT needs.

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