Affiliate Program

Are you an affiliate marketer? We created the Sisli Nigeria Affiliate Program so you can earn money for helping us spread the word. It’s an easy, risk free way for you to earn commissions on your referrals and bonus.

Here you will get first hand information and details of our affiliate marketing package.

Affiliate Commission:

Our affiliate commission is within the range of 6% to 10% depending on the product and we pay immediately sales are completed (Customer has paid and service rendered or product delivered).


Bonus is different from Affiliate Commission. Cumulative monthly referrals worth N100,000/$250 and above, qualifies you to earn 10% bonus on the total referral spent for the month. – You cannot add previous month to current month. It is calculated monthly and payout are made on or before 5th of the new month..


Product Name Package/Description Retail Price Commission % Commission Amount Bonus (10%)
eCommerce Website Website Development 150,000 6% 9,000 Not Applicable
Corporate Website Website Development 85,000 6% 5,100 Nil
Business Manager Software (Server Version) This package comes with; One 15inches Flat Screen Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, One CORE i3 CPU, 300GB Hard Drive, 4GB Memory, LAN connection cable setup for 4 Computers within 10 feet, 8 port LAN Switch, Business Accounting Software License, and Training. 530,000 Not Applicable 10,000 53,000
Business Manager Software (Cloud Version) – Yearly cloud infrastructure renewal. Accessible through all internet connected devices. 400,000 Not Applicable 10,000 40,000
Online Accounting Software (Hosted Online) Mobile Friendly design + Web App 38,000 6% 2,280 Nil
Retail Point of Sales Software Desktop Version. 1 Computer License. 58,000 Not Applicable 10,000 Nil
Restaurants Point of Sales Software
Salon Point of Sales Software
Retail Point of Sales Software Server Version. Multiple Computers License. Must have LAN connection of all the computers ready before deployment of software & training. Does not work with Internet but within the connected computers within the business office. 82,000 Not Applicable 10,000 Nil
Restaurants Point of Sales Software
Salon Point of Sales Software
Online Point of Sales Software Yearly renewal of service. 24/7 online access. Designed for retail businesses. Accessible from all kinds of internet enabled devices. 58,000 Not Applicable 10,000 Nil
On-Screen Presentation Course Creation Package – Professional See Link for product details.
160,000 Not Applicable 10,000 16,000
Video-ready Course Creation Package – Professional See Link for product details
100,000 6% 6,000 10,000

Any product not on this list is not part of our Affiliate Program.

Please note that the information on this page is subject to our terms & conditions and it is your responsibility to check it regularly for updates.

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