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Website Design

We create Responsive Website for all business type.

Accounting Software

Holistic Bookkeeping made easy for people struggling to know there monthly expenses, income & profit.

PoS Stofware

Automate your sales process with a user friendly PoS (Retailing) Software.

Course Creation

We help professionals create online platform for their content.

Coding Training

One on One Class on Web Development.

Advert Manager

Google Advert, Facebook & Instagram Advert

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Website Development

Sprech Internet Services creates professionally crafted, compelling, intuitive and beautiful websites that compete favourably with the very best on the web, while delivering real, measurable results and positive feedback. We are your go to website designers, operating from Enugu, Nigeria.

We have experience in HTML5, CSS3, ES6, PHP, jQuery, CMS like WordPress,  and developing a wide range of mobile friendly websites with premium quality and professional standards. Our Experienced Website Designers are 24/7 available to support you even after the project is live.

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Accounting Software

Sisli Nigeria works with the best intuitive and user friendly business application vendors in providing Accounting software, ERP, CRM, HRM, and many other out-of-shelf software that helps automate different business processes.

The Manager Software deployed on a Cloud Server Instance makes it easy for a business to connect different departments and different branches together. As one of the National Distributors, you are guaranteed speedy deployment.

We deploy both Desktop version (FREE), on-site server version and Cloud version.

Our Business Management & Accounting software has the following features;

  • General ledger
  • Cash management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Sales orders
  • Stock & inventory
  • Fixed asset management
  • Capital accounts
  • Profit & loss statement
  • Balance sheet
  • VAT, GST or sales tax
  • Multi-currency
  • Customizable invoices
  • Customer statements
  • Project-based accounting
  • Cash-basis accounting
  • Departmental accounting
  • Payroll management
Our team are made up of Website Designers
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Point of Sales (PoS) Software

Why do you need a Point of Sales Software in your retail/service outlet?

  • To have a recorded details of all transactions, daily, monthly and yearly. With this data, you can easily know your highest selling product and services, profit margin, the highest customer spent in your business and the figures of your inventory outflow and inflow.
  • You capture details of your customers, which is another marketing tool. With the customers phone number and emails, you can send marketing emails or sms of new arrivals or ongoing promotion.
  • Stop dragging prices with your customers. Stop your “favorite” clients from calling you for discount when you are not in the shop. Stop your staff from over-charging/undercharging your customers.
  • Easily generate reports of your business activities. Monitor shortages and theft.

We have both server version (Multiple computers), Desktop Version (1 Computer) and Cloud version (requires constant internet) that can be accessed from any device and from anywhere in the world.

POS Software Features;

  1. Supports All World Currencies. If Your Currency Is Not Already Available, You Can Easily Add It Yourself With Our “Add Currency” Tool
  2. Multiple User rights for different employees
  3. Customer Accounts – Commonly Known As “Customer Tabs”
  4. Inventory Control
    “Track” Or “Do Not Track” Quantity For Item In Inventory
  5. Low Stock Alert On Items That You Specify And On Quantity That You Specify
  6. Quantity Tracking In Decimals For Measurements In Sales By Weight And Length
  7. Barcode Scanning / Label Printing features
  8. Customer Management & Tracking
  9. Credit / Debit / Gift Card Processing
  10. Gift Cards Issuing & Processing
  11. Tracking Employee’s Sales
  12. Slip-Receipt Printing
  13. Company Logo On Receipts/Invoices And Main Screen
  14. Customizable Receipts/Invoices (Font Name And Size, Barcode Number, Logo, Different Levels Of Customer Info)
    Totally User Customizable Financial Reports
  15. Financial Reports By Product/Service
  16. Financial Reports By Customer
  17. Controls Up To 3 Printers Per Pc (Receipt Printer, Report Printer And A Barcode Printer)
  18. Touch Screen Or Keyboard Use Option
    On-Screen-Keyboard For Touch-Screens
  19. Daily, Monthly And Annual Financial Reports
  20. Financial Reports For Any Date Span
  21. Cash Drawer Reconciliation/Balancing
  22. Profit Reports
  23. Low Stock Reports
  24. Business Traffic Reports
  25. Full History, Lookup And Reprint Options
  26. Works with Barcode Scanners, Magnetic Card Readers, Pinpad Devices, Electronic Cash Drawers, Pole Displays, Receipt Printers,
  27. Barcode Printers And Weight Scales
  28. Creation, Printing & Processing Of Coupons / Gift Certificates.
  29. Export Reports And Inventory To Excel.
  30. And more.

Server Version

94,000 82,000
  • Server Installation
  • For Retail | Salon | Resturants
  • Life-Time License
  • Works with all Types of Thermal Printer
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • Video Tutorials

Cloud Version

  • Access via Internet
  • For Retail | Salon | Resturants
  • $43 Yearly Hosting Renewal
  • Works with all Types of Thermal Printer
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • Online/Physical Training

Click Demo server to see the demo of the hosted PoS Software.

LOGIN using

  • username: demo123
  • password: password123


What are you waiting for?

Let’s help you translate your knowledge to an Online Course. We are with you from the course objective development to the first advert of your course.

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Today, Digital content is one of the growing area in the internet. A lot of people are getting overwhelmed with the amount of information in the internet and needs curated contents on specialized areas that can help them achieve specific objectives.

For example, someone searching “How to Cook” will definitely get results in millions of different contents (Video, audio, text, images) of how to cook. The chances that they will choose a content that shows a step by step process is growing higher by the day as more and more people are educated on the use of internet.

At Sisli Nigeria, we will help you draft your course outline, develop the course objective, write the script for video, work with videographers and direct the video creation. We also train you on onscreen presentation and host your content on third party portals or your own self hosting platform.

Our flagship course on “Monetizing your Knowledge” contains the step by step process to achieving a world class online course within days.

We have three category of services; On-Screen Presentation, Video-Ready and Full Course Development Package.

On-Screen Presentation Course Creation Package

On-Screen Presentation Course is a type of course that is presented using presentation aids, PDF and document files. This type of package is for academic courses and computer walk-through skills. If you are teaching a computer based skills or a subject that does not require hands-on practicals, this is the perfect package.

Starter pack

On-Screen Presentation Course Creation
  • 5 - 30 Minutes Course
  • 1 Course
  • Maximum of 3 Modules
  • Course Development
  • Hosted on Selar
  • Free Screen Recording Software
  • 3 Months Support


On-Screen Presentation Course Creation
  • 31 min - 2 hrs Course
  • 1 Course
  • Maximum of 6 Modules
  • Course Development
  • Hosted on Selar
  • Free Screen Recording Software
  • 3 Months Free Support


On-Screen Presentation Course Creation
  • 1 -2 hrs Minutes per Course
  • 3 Courses/Unlimited Modules
  • Course Development
  • Multiple Course Hosting Slot
  • Personal Academy Website
  • Free Screen Recording Software
  • 12 Months Free Support

If you already have your course outline, videos and unit materials ready, we can host the cost on Selar Digital Platform for N10,000.

Video-ready Course Creation Package

Have you already recorded your video, prepared your course objectives, prepared the additional resources for the course? If yes! then this is the package for you.

We will take all the resources and arrange them in a coherent way using the course objective and course outline. We will host it on a private hosting or with our digital content hosting partners

Starter pack

Video-ready Course Creation
  • 1 Course
  • Maximum of 5 Modules
  • Hosted on Selar
  • 1 Month Free Support

MULTI pack

Video-ready Course Creation
  • Maximum of 5 Courses
  • Maximum of 4 Modules each
  • Hosted on Selar
  • 3 Months Free Support


Video-ready Course Creation
  • Max of 5 Courses/5 module each
  • Unlimited Courses Slot
  • Ecommerce + Private Hosting
  • 10 Months Free Support

Full Course Development Package

You are a professional in your field; a lot of people consult you, but you now want to package your knowledge as a digital product but does not know where to start? We have you covered.

Contact our Course Developer

We will sit with you all through the process at a friendly price.

Product Catlog


We train teenagers and adults programming and the act of coding. Our specialty is on web technology and we teach Scratch, HTML, CSS, ES/JavaScript, Python, Web Development frameworks, Content Management Systems (CMS), Hosting & Domain, SSL Setup, Google Display Advertising and On-page SEO.

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